The beach is a very wonderful place, conjuring up images of summer fun, swimming, ice cream, and long days. The location of the beach, with the sun, sand, and waves makes for some great pictures and portraits, and pictures at the beach need to do the wonderful location justice, and with a little know-how in beach portrait photography santa rosa beach fl they can.

First, you need the right camera lens. There is a ton of natural light at the beach, coming from the sun and its reflection off of various objects. If your lens can’t handle it, then you’ll be left with light that is either too bright and swamps the picture in light, or too dark and making the picture dark and grainy. Having a lens that can easily adjust to different types of light as well as the changing conditions is a must.

Next, find the right positioning before you take the photo. A spot that was absolutely picture perfect in the morning might not be good in the afternoon, and vise versa. So wander around the beach and try to find great spots for photos at different times of the day, ideally before you have to take pictures, and make notes of where they are.

Finally, beach shots should focus on the location as much as the people, so don’t be afraid to make the backdrop the center of attention for the photo, while the people are off to the side. Both are equally beautiful, but sometimes that picturesque beach sunrise or the gentle waves lapping at the shore are more photo worthy.

beach portrait photography santa rosa beach fl

Still, have fun with it, and don’t sacrifice the fun of the beach in order to spend all the time with your camera. After all, pictures are designed to remind you of memories, and first, you have to make them.